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           /                                                                                              '\
              Unit               Chapter             Reading Skill       Vocabulary Skill    Real Life Skill

           1    All  About       A Restaurant for    Predicting          Antonyms            Reading Food
                Food             Change                                                      Labels
                                 Newspaper article
                                 Let's Make          Scanning            Irregular Past
                                 Blueberr y   Muffins!                   T e nse Verbs
                Page 11          Recipe
           2    Inventions       Computer Beats      Reading for Details   The Prefixes      Dictionary Skills:
                                 Champs                                  com- and con-       Identifying Parts
                                 Newspaper article                                           of Speech
                                       Jangal Publication
                                 The Most Useful     Scanning            The Suffixes
                                 Inventions                              -ful and  -less
                Page 21          Web forum
           3    Studying         Want to Study       Using Subheadings   Compound Words      Writing an
                Abroad           Abroad?             to Predict Content                      English Journal
                                 My  T ra vel Journal   Reading for Details   Adjectives Ending
                Page 31          Diary extract                           in -ed

                Review  1        Fluency Strategy: SQ3R ;   The Freshman Fifteen Magazine article
                Page 41          Fluency Practice: 1 .   Four Funny Inventions Advertisement;
                                                  2. My Working Holiday Travel Magazine article
           4    Money  and       A Student Budget    Skimming for        The Prefixes        Creating a
                Budgets          Magazine article    Main  Ideas         in- and ex-         Personal Budget
                                 My Money            Identifying         Words
                                 Web interview       Supporting          Relating to Money
                Page 49                              Details
           5    Our  Modern      Cell Phone Etiquette  Identifying Transition  Using Transition   Reading Blogs
                Lifestyle        Newspaper letter    Words               Words
                                 Smartphone Apps     Making Inferences   Word Webs
                                 for T ra velers
                Page 59          Magazine article
           6    The  Olympics    The Olympic Flame   Sk m i  m  i n g for the   The Suffix -ment   Understanding
                                 Reference article   Main  Idea                              Punctuation
                                 Unusual Olympic     Reading for Details   Words
                                 Sports                                  Relating to  Sports
                Page 69          Web page
                Review 2         Fluency Strategy: KWL; Not Y o ur Regular Scholarship Student Magazine article
                Page  79         Fluency Practice: 3. Real Mail vs.  Email Magazine article;
                                                  4. Selecting the Olympic Sports Reference Article


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