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               Unit                Chapter             Reading Skill      Vocabulary Skill    Real Life Skill
             7    Great           The  World's Oldest   Identifying Supporting   Expressing Certainty   Recognizing
                  Structures      Universities        Details                                 Survey Question
                                  Reference article                                           Types
                                  Modern Engineering   Scanning           Superlatives
                  Page87          Web page
             8    Language and    Which English Will   Identifying        Loan Words          Distinguishing
                  Communication   We Speak?           Main Ideas                              American and
                                  Reference article                                           British Words
                                       Jangal Publication
                                  Sign Language       Distinguishing Main   Word  Families
                                  Reference article   Idea and Supporting
                  Page97                              Details

             9    Festivals  and   How Do  You Celebrate?  Scanning       Prepositions of Time:  Reading T o urist
                  Celebrations    Reference article                       in, on, at          I n formation
                                  Edinburgh Festival   Reading for Details   Sensory Verbs
                  Page 107        Diary extract
                  Review3          Fluency Strategy: Dealing with Unknown Words; Amazing Machines! Webpage
                  Page 117         Fluency Practice: 5. Dying Languages  Magazine article;
                                                    6. Celebrating Chusok Travel  u ide Extract
             1  O   G rowing Up   The Age of Adulthood  Predicting        The Prefix trans-   Choosing the
                                  Reference article                                           Right Word
                                  Firsts in Life      Making Inferences   The Prefix sub-
                  Page 125        Web  interview
             11   Look  into      Are you an          Summarizing         Phrasal Verbs       Doing Research
                  the  Future     Ophiuchus?                                                  on the Internet
                                   Reference article
                                  Predicting          Identifying Transition  The Suffixes -ness
                                  Earthquakes         Words
                  Page 135        Newspaper letter
             12   The  Power      A Japanese          Recognizing         Adverbs             Understanding
                  of  Stories     Folktale            Sequence                                Internet Speak
                                  Story               of Events
                                  Internet Hoaxes     Identifying Cause   Nouns That Are
                  Page 145        Magazine article    and  Effect         Also Verbs

                  Review 4         Fluency Strategy: Reading ACTIVEly; Y o ung People Are Adults,  T o o! Newspaper Letter
                  Page 155         Fluency Practice:  7. The Mystery of the Fortune Cookie Webpage;
                                                    8. Three Centuries of Hoaxes Reference Article

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