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             Unit                Chapter             Reading Skill       Vocabulary Skill    Real Life Skill
            1   Exam Time        For Better Grades-  Describing         Word Webs           Reading Test
                                 Use Your Brain!     a Process                              Instructions
                                 Reference article
                                 Oh, No! Not         Identifying Main and  The Suffix -ize
                                 Another Test!       Supporting Ideas
                Page  11         Magazine article

           2    Going Abroad     We're in Vietnam!   Scanning for Details  Adjective Endings   Reading and
                                 Blog posts                             -ed and -ing        Understanding
                                 Safe Travel         Predicting         The Prefix pre-     Immigration
                                       Jangal Publication
                Page 21          Magazine article                                           Forms

           3    Move Makers      Behind the Scenes   Using Headings to   The Prefix dis-    Understanding
                                 Magazine article    Understand Main                        the Use
                                                     Ideas                                  of Italics
                                 The Rise of J. J.   Recognizing        Organizing
                                 Abrams              Sequence           Vocabulary
                Page 3 1         Reference article   of Events
           4    Young            Laura Dekker:       Previewing         Verbs Used to       Using Dates
                Athletes         Record-Setter!                         Talk about
                                 Reference article                      Sports and Games
                                 The Unbeatable      Predicting         Adjectives with the
                                 Yani Tseng                             Suffix -ous
                Page 49          Reference article
                Review 1         Fluency Strategy: PRO; Are Human Beings Getting Smarter? Reference article
                Page 41          Fluency Practice:  1. The Film and the Novel: Twilight Magazine article;
                                                  2. Organic Farming: The New Vacation Newspaper article
           5    The Amazing      You Are Amazing:    Identifying Main   Nouns Ending in     Finding the Right
                Human Body       You Are Human!      Ideas within       -Jogy/-o/ogy        Doctor
                                 Web article         Paragraphs
                                 Seeing with the Ears  Predicting       The Suffix -ion
                Page 59          Magazine article    Vocabulary
           6    Leisure Time     Scrapbooking        Finding Definitions   The Suffix -ment   Using Key
                                 Web interview                                              Words for
                                 Moving from         Recognizing Facts   Word Associations   Internet
                                 TV to the Web                                              Searches
                Page 69          Reference article
                Review 2         Fluency Strategy:  PQR+E; Movies for the Blind Newspaper article
                Page 79          Fluency Practice: 3. Raising a Child Athlete Reference article;
                                                  4. The Life of a Professional Gamer Magazine article
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