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              Unit                Chapter             Reading Skill       Vocabulary Skill    Real Life Skill
            7    A World          Sounds from the Past   Predicting      The Prefix ex-      Dictionary Usage:
                  of Music        Reference article                                          Choosing the
                                  For the Record:     Noticing Patterns   Easy Confused Words   Right Word
                                  Album Reviews
                  Page87          Newspaper article
            8     Career Paths    College Start-Ups   Making Inferences   Compound Nouns     Searching for a
                                  Magazine article                                           Job Online
                                  The Right Job for your  Skimming for    Adjective Endings
                                  Personality         General Ideas
                  Page97          Reference article
                                       Jangal Publication
            9     The Story of    A Brief History of   Recognizing        Identifying Part of   Dictionary
                  Chocolate       Chocolate           Sequence            Speech              Usage:
                                  Magazine article    of Events                              Choosing the
                                  The Truth about     Understanding the   Synonyms            Right Definition
                                  Chocolate           Main Ideas
                  Page 107        Newspaper article
                  Review3          Fluency Strategy: KWL; Will Shortz: Puzzle Maker Newspaper article
                  Page 117         Fluency Practice: 5. The People Behind the Music Reference article;
                                                    6. Savory Chocolate Magazine article
            10  The Secrets       Ads Are Everywhere!   Scanning for Proper  Prefixes in-, im-,   Advertising
                 of Advertising   Reference article   Nouns               and un-             and Psychology
                                  Brand Engagement    Making Inferences   Word Families
                                  Gone Wrong
                  Page 125        Newspaper article
             11   Food and the    Engineering a Better  Distinguishing    Adverbs             Understanding
                  Environment     Burger              between Main and                        Units of
                                  Magazine article    Supporting Ideas                        Measure
                                  Is Your Diet Destroying  Understanding   The Root Word vitlviv
                                  the Environment?    Cause and Effect
                  Page 135        Reference article
             12   Living for the   Clean Up Australia,   Scanning for Names  The Prefix re-   Reading
                  Future          Clean Up the World   and Numbers                            Numbers
                                  Web article                                                 in Text
                                  Resources for       Skimming to         The Prefixes over
                                  the Future          Assess a Passage    and under
                 Page 145         Reference article

                  Review4          Fluency Strategy: Reading ACTIVEly; Billboards that Recognize You Newspaper article
                  Page 155         Fluency Practice:  7. The Life of a Food Critic Magazine article;
                                                    8. The Urban Gardener Newspaper article

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