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5 Create a word web

            A word web is a picture that helps you connect words together and helps you increase your vocabulary.
            Here is a word web for the word frightened:

                          a frightened child

                 easily frightened
                                                                                                   fright (n)
              terribly frightened ---'....


                                       Jangal Publication
            6 Memorize common prefixes, roots, and suffixes

            Many English words can be divided into different parts. We call these parts prefixes, roots, and suffixes.
            A prefix comes at the beginning of a word, a suffix comes at the end of a word, and the root is the main part
            of the word.  In your vocabulary notebook, make a list of prefixes and suffixes as you come across them. On
            page 238 there is a list of prefixes and suffixes in this book. For example, look at the word unhappily.

                   prefix: un- (meaning not)                       suffix: -ly (meaning an adverb)
                                  ----- unhappily----

                                                  root: happy

            7 Regularly review your vocabulary notebook

            You should review the words in your vocabulary notebook very often. The more often you review your list of
            new words, the sooner you will be able to recognize the words when you see them during reading. Set up a
            schedule to go over the words you are learning.

            8 Make vocabulary flash cards

            Flash cards are easy to make, and you can carry them everywhere with you. You can use them to study
            while you are waiting for the bus, walking to school or work, or eating a meal. You can use the flash cards
            with your friends to quiz each other. Here is an example of a flash card:

                          cut                                 ~
                                                                                      example sentence

                                                          He is cutting an apple.
                             Front                                 Back


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