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Read in phrases rather than word by word.
                              Don't point at each word while you read. Practice reading in phrases-groups of words
                              that go together.
                              Engage your imagination.

                              Good readers visualize what they are reading. They create a movie in their head of the
                              story they are reading. As you read, try sharing with a partner the kinds of pictures that
                              you create in your mind.
                              Avoid subvocalization.

                              Subvocalization means quietly saying the words as you read. You might be whispering
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                              the words or just silently saying them in your mind. Your eyes and brain can read much
                              faster than you can speak. If you subvocalize, you can only read as fast as you can
                              say the words. As you read, place your finger on your lips or your throat. Do you feel
                              movement? If so, you are subvocalizing. Practice reading without moving your lips.
                              Don't worry about understanding every word.

                              Sometimes, as readers, we think we must understand the meaning of everything that
                              we read. It isn't always necessary to understand every word in a passage in order to
                              understand the meaning of the passage as a whole. Instead of interrupting your reading
                              to find the meaning of a new word, circle the word and come back to it after you have
                              finished reading.

                              Enjoy your reading.
                              Your enjoyment of reading will develop over time. Perhaps today you do not like to read
                              in English, but as you read more, you should see a change in your attitude. The more
                              you read in English, the easier it will become. You will find yourself looking forward to
                              Read as much as you can.

                              The best tip to follow to become a more fluent reader is to read whenever and
                              wherever you can. Good readers read a lot. They read many different kinds of material:
                              newspapers, magazines, textbooks, websites, and graded readers. To practice this, keep
                              a reading journal. Every day, make a list of the kinds of things you read during the day
                              and how long you read each for.  If you want to become a more fluent reader, read more!

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