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Are You an ACTIVE Reader?

           Before you use this book to develop your reading skills, think about your reading habits, and your
          strengths and weaknesses when reading in English. Check the statements that are true for you.

                                                                Start of course    End of course
                      1  I read something in English every day.      D                  D

                     2  I try to read where I'm comfortable          D                  D
                         and won't be interrupted.

                     3  I make predictions about what I'm going
                                       Jangal Publication
                         to read before I start reading.             D                  D

                     4  I think about my purpose of reading
                         before I start reading.                     D                  D

                      5  I keep my head still, and move only my
                         eyes, when I read.                          D                  D

                      6  I try not to translate words from
                         English to my first language.               D                  D

                      7  I read in phrases rather than
                         word by word.                               D                  D

                      8  I try to picture in my mind what
                                                                     D                  D
                         I'm reading.
                                                                     D                  D
                      9  I read silently, without moving my lips.

                     10  I try to understand the meaning of the
                         passage, and try not to worry about         D                  D
                         understanding the meaning of every word.

                                                                     D                  D
                     11   I usually enjoy reading in English.
                     12  I try to read as much as I can, especially
                         outside class.                              D                  D

           Follow the tips on pages 8-9. These will help you become a more active reader. At the end of
           the course, answer this quiz again to see if you have become a more fluent, active reader.


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